Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Queen City Living

Happy Halloween!  I completely forgot it was Halloween until Matt Lauer mentioned it this morning on the Today show.  To be honest, I've been sorta-sick/sorta-allergic and was mostly focused on breathing out of my nose this morning.  My Halloween plans are making chicken parm and watching the Great Pumpkin.  Right now, I'm watching Barefoot Contessa and honestly, this is what Halloween is all about for me.

So, I have some good news and some bad news!  What do you want first?  Hmm, let's focus on the good news: we're moving to Charlotte!  I got a job with Nick's company and he'll transfer to a program down there.  We're both so excited; we've had our sights set on Charlotte for a year and it's finally happening.  Goodbye, moldy apartment!  Goodbye, expensive rent!  Goodbye, WMATA!  I won't miss any of you!  Wheee!!

So the bad news, and I know you're all terribly disappointed, is that I probably won't get to sew for the rest of the year.  I need to bind a mini-quilt I made my mom, and then all my fabric, patterns and notions are getting packed into Rubbermaid containers, awaiting their new home.  This is extra disappointing to me because I am so close to my goals for the year!  But sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and this will be mine.  Honestly, it's worth it, because we'll be in a bigger place, making more money, and spending less on groceries.  And I'm setting my sights on a sewing room!  Yes, that's right, we can afford something bigger than a one-bedroom apartment.  Can you believe it?

So hopefully I won't forget about this blog completely in the next month, but things are going to move pretty quickly, as I'm supposed to start November 19.  Whoa.  I don't even have somewhere to live!  Even if I do forget about you next month, know that I'll return.  I'm already starting my plans for 2013.  I can't give up yet!

Happy Halloween everyone!  And if you're in Charlotte, say hi!


  1. Congrats! So, I guess we won't be meeting after all. But next year, you should definitely organize a meetup with your fellow Charlotte sewing bloggers. Good luck!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations- this is so exciting! :) So, will you be tele-commuting as of Nov. 19th or will you be in Charlotte by then? Your month is going to fly by (in a wonderful way, though!). : ) I can't wait to read all about this new venture. Congrats, again!

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited! :D I got my start date pushed back until December 3, but no, I would need to be in the office by November 19th! (So soon!) So I'm going crazy, looking for apartments and all that. Oy!


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