Monday, July 11, 2011

Adulthood: Scene 1

Our vacuum broke yesterday.  I had declared Sunday the day of cleaning (cleanliness is next to godliness, after all), and before it even started, it stopped.  My mom gave us this vacuum, which she bought in 2001. 

We had to go to Target to buy a new one.  We spent 20 minutes comparing them, Googling "cyclonic action," and debating how much we should spend.

$150 later, we had a new vacuum, with cyclonic action (worth it) and a HEPA filter for pet hair. 

I used it.  I loved it.

Never have I felt more like a housewife.


  1. hehe I love this so much. I have so many moments like this but they make me feel less like an adult and more like a little kid in an adult world.

  2. I feel like that too sometimes! It also freaks me the hell out when I catch us talking about domestic issues; one time I stopped our conversation about whether or not the cheese would stay good if we left it in the car while we ran to a different grocery store. Those conversations scare me.


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